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Mediation 101

While you and your partner are exploring your options for divorce, you both stand to benefit by having a good general understanding of what each of those processes may entail for your family. If you choose to pursue a mediated divorce, you and your partner can expect to do the following:

  1. Sign the Agreement to Mediate: Since mediation is voluntary, you and your partner will both need to be willing to act in good faith throughout the mediation process.
  2. Meet for Initial Conference Call: During this initial meeting with your mediator, the individuals with the authority to make decisions will be determined—this will be important if you want to grant your individual attorney such authority. Additionally, both you and your partner will be expected to provide the mediator with a brief outline of your dispute and schedule your mediation sessions.
  3. Mediation Begins: Your mediator will describe the role of the mediator as an impartial third party and explain exactly what the process of mediation will entail. Thereafter, you and your partner will be encouraged to openly discuss your separate issues.
  4. Mediation Continues: The mediator will meet with you and your partner individually and jointly in an effort to help you both understand each other’s perspectives and to further explore possibilities of resolution.
  5. Resolution: Though you and your partner may not achieve any resolution, the divorce agreement will be drafted and signed by you and your partner if you do. The copies of the signed agreement will then be provided to all parties before it is submitted to the Government Records Counsel.

Consult with a Mediator in Monmouth County

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If you are interested in pursuing a mediated divorce with your partner, you should speak with a qualified mediator at Monmouth Divorce Mediation, LLC about whether this process will be right for the both of you. To schedule a consultation with a Monmouth County mediator, please call our offices at (732) 955-2050 today.